Raspberry Pi Foundation

Raspberry Pi Foundation
Quiet Storm/ Raspberry Pi
Spring 2021

Raspberry Pi is a British based tech firm who have created a low cost, credit-card sized computer designed for learning how to program and code. It is a powerful and adaptable little thing used by kids and adults all over the world for kick starting innovative tech projects. 

In 2021 we worked with advertising agency Quiet Storm on a digital campaign for Raspberry Pi. The brief was to produce a series of films championing the work of young coders all over the world. 

Toshan from Bangalore teaches kids in his city to code, Laura in Romania has built a mind-controlled robot, Avye is campaigning to get more young girls into coding in her home city of London, and Zaahra and Eesa have designed a language app to help them communicate with their grandparents in Bangladesh. 

Using personal archive, self-filmed footage and animation we have woven together a series of inspiring first-person stories that celebrate the work that Raspberry Pi do globally to encourage and advance tech education.