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Meet George

George Cowie is a documentary film Director/Producer. He co-founded production company Superfolk Films in 2012.  Alongside partner Tom Huntingford he has gone on to direct and produce films in more than 20 different countries. Stone carving/gardening/cycling are his Jam. George can…

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Meet Tom

Often mistaken for a Visual Anthropologist from the 1970s, Tom Huntingford is a self-shooting Director/Producer. Tom made his first film about his landlord Frank (pictured below with an assault rifle) while investigating door-to-door sales in Arizona. He went on to co-found…

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Superfolk Cinema

We occasionally host fundraising events for our documentaries, including this screening of the 1972 classic Deliverance at Peckham’s Asylum Chapel, replete with moonshine cocktails (Granma’s Cabin and ‘The Boot Strap’), live bluegrass music from the One Tree Hillbillies and The Smoking’ Joint’s finest…

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