Meet George

George Cowie is a documentary film Director/Producer and social explorer. He co-founded production company Superfolk Films in 2012 after graduating with a History degree from Edinburgh University. Alongside partner Tom Huntingford he has gone on to direct and produce over 80 films in more than 20 different countries.

George can be reached at and +447738016086


One response on “Meet George

  1. Joyce Dunn says:

    I did so enjoy your film of Dial A Bus. Having been born in Wales and visiting the Brecons it was wonderful. Can you tell me anything more about the Dial-A-Bus. Do they have a regular route etc.

  2. Yusuf says:

    Hi dear sir . I have a short history which can be also a short film . So actually I’m a refugee in Germany and I would like to share with you my history if you like !
    (Note : my English is not very well )

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